What Is The Cheapest MTN Data Plan In Ghana? [*138# Internet Bundle]

What Is The Cheapest MTN Data Plan In Ghana?

Today, it is very crucial for everyone to have access to the internet, but this could seem difficult, especially as the cost of data/internet plans has become so high. Since MTN stands out as one of the leading telecommunications companies in Ghana, we have this article focussed on the Cheapest MTN Data Plan In Ghana.

Thus, our major goal in writing this article is to give MTN users an economical solution to stay connected and enjoy the benefits of the internet while in Ghana.

There are different types of MTN data plans that one could subscribe to, including the mash-up offers, J4U (Just4U) offers, and the usual *138# bundle which has the Kokrokoo bundle, the midnight bundle, and many others.

What Is The Cheapest MTN Data Plan In Ghana?

MTN has a lot of data bundle offers and it is very important to know the best and the cheapest so as to cut costs when purchasing internet bundles anytime. Let’s take the MTN bundle offers one after the other and discuss their prices so as to know the cheapest among them.

The Popular *138# Internet Bundle

If you ask anyone how to buy an MTN data bundle in Ghana, what you’ll be told is to dial *138#. This was and is still the most popular code MTN users use to access Data offers before other offers started coming into the system.

This offer includes the midnight offers which can only be used at midnight between the hours of 12 am to 5 am, the kokrokoo offer which could be used between the hours of 6 am to 8 am, and the normal bundle which could be used at any time of the day.

The best offer as far as the midnight offer is concerned, is the GHC 2.99 offer, which gives you 7.25GB of Data to use during midnight.

Talking of the kokrokoo offer, they give you 400MB of data at the cost of GHC 1.08.

The *138# internet bundle has lots of offers that I cannot talk about here because of time. I would not also want to bombard your heard with too much of what is not necessary so let’s just focus on the best among them.

Personally, I’d want to talk about their GHC 3 offer which is one of the best, giving you 461MB of data. The GHC 5 offer is also great but if you have some money that you aren’t using and feel to invest in data, go for the GHC  399 offer, which gives you 182GB of data which does not expire.

Mash-Up or Pulse Bundle

The MTN mash-up bundle is also one of the oldest data offers by the MTN internet service provider. All you have to do is to dial *567# to access the offers. Since we’re focussed on the internet bundle only, I’ll only talk about the data bundle offer. This offer also gives you 517MB at GHC 10, which is also one of the best as far as the MTN pulse bundle is concerned.

The Just4U Offers

To access J4U offer, you’ll have to dial *141#. The Just4U offer varies from subscriber to subscriber and you can be lucky to have the best offer coming from them. I personally could get 5GB for just GHC 5.50 on one of my sims then but now, the best I get from them is 1GB for GHC 5, which is also cool when compared to some of the offers I spoke about earlier.

The MTN Zone Bundle

The zone bundle was the cheapest bundle from MTN until early 2023 when there was an update in the system, reducing the cheat 5GB for GHC 5.99 or less to 796MB. At the time of writing this article and considering my zone, the highest zone offer given to me is 796MB for GHC 3.89. To access the MTN zone bundle, dial 1352*1#

Few Tips To Save Money On MTN Data Purchase In Ghana

Analyze your data usage: Start by understanding your data usage patterns. Keep track of how much data you consume on a monthly basis and identify the activities that consume the most data. This will help you choose a data plan that aligns with your needs.

Choose the right data plan: MTN offers a variety of data plans, ranging from daily to monthly plans. Carefully compare the available options and choose a plan that offers an adequate amount of data for your usage pattern. Avoid subscribing to plans with excessive data if you don’t fully utilize it.

Take advantage of promotions: Keep an eye out for promotional offers and discounts on MTN data plans. MTN often introduces special deals and bonuses, especially during festive seasons or as part of specific campaigns. Take advantage of these promotions to get more data for less money.

Bundle packages: Consider bundling your data plan with other services such as voice minutes or SMS. MTN occasionally provides combo packages that offer a better value for your money compared to purchasing individual plans. Assess your needs and opt for bundled packages if they align with your usage requirements.

My personal thoughts and recommendation

If you ask me, the best offer I’ll recommend you to buy is the GHC 399 offer on the *138# offer as it gives you 182GB which does not expire. Let’s do some math here; 182/399=0.456. This means that you are spending GHC 1 on 456MB of data when you purchase this offer.

But since it’s not everyone that can afford that offer, this is why I would advise you to look deeply into all the offers I have here and link them to your data usage in order to choose the best one that fits you.

Thank you for reading our blog, where we are able to provide you with the cheapest mtn Data plan in Ghana. Always check our blog daily for more updates.

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