List of Unregistered Loan Apps In Ghana


In this article, we will discuss the list of unregistered loan apps in Ghana. Loan apps are mobile apps that can be sued to access financial aid online. The loan apps that will be mentioned in this article are the ones that are operating in the nation but are not licensed to do so.

The Bank of Ghana has released a list of financial entities in the country that are not licensed and are unregistered to provide loan services to Ghanaians. The bank has cautioned Ghanaians from taking loans from these mobile apps that are offering these services.

The BANK OF GHANA is the sole regulator of all the financial institutions in Ghana. In a notice, the Bank said it is working with other state agencies to ensure these unregulated financial institutions are eliminated from the system. In a notice, the bank cautioned against the use of such apps.

“The general public is therefore advised to desist from doing business with all unlicensed loan providers. Banks, Specialised Deposit-Taking Institutions, and Payment Service Providers are cautioned not to facilitate the illegal transactions of unlicensed loan applications.

“The Bank reiterates that the activities of these entities significantly breach customer data and privacy laws, as well as consumer protection requirements and norms, with unfavorable implications on the integrity and wellbeing of their patrons.”

“The general public is advised to consult the Bank’s website using the link below for the approved list of licensed institutions, before transacting any business with an institution,” they wrote.

Here are some of the unregistered loan apps in Ghana according to Bank of Ghana

  •         Flash Cash  
  •         Accra
  •         GhLending
  •         MoLoan
  •         Rapidcedi
  •         100 Cedi
  •         Cedi Help
  •         Mascedi Consult
  •         Cediboom
  •         CashLoanPro
  •         Aircash
  •         Akwaaba Payment
  •         FourCredy
  •         Ghanalending
  •         AcornCredit
  •         Gana Loan
  •         Mach Loans Ghana
  •         Mbose
  •         Sika Bus
  •         Ultra Loan FundCedi Ghana
  •         Loan App
  •         Mika Cash Loan App
  •         New Loan Ghana
  •         Zip Loan Onloan/WantCAsh
  •         Credit Ghana App
  •         Bloomcash
  •         Home Credit
  •         Akwaaba Cash Agyenkwasika-
  •         Personal loan
  •         Cash Way
  •         Momo cash loans
  •         Prime Loans
  •         Easy Access Loans
  •         Cashpal Online Loan
  •         Happy Loan
  •         Money Loan App
  •         Plus Loan
  •         Mega Credit
  •         Boeing Cash
  •         Lemon Wallet
  •         Koko Cash
  •         Cola Cash/Cash Cola
  •         Rapid money
  •         Cash Star
  •         Loan Galaxy
  •         Bitcash
  •         Ukash
  •         Funcash
  •         HelloCedi Sunny Cash/Sunny
  •         Loan
  •         Goldminer
  •         Enjoy Credit
  •         Cedi Wallet
  •         Pro Kash
  •         Cedi Fie
  •         HelaCash
  •         Daily Cash
  •         FiCash
  •         Sikadua
  •         PK Loans
  •         Quick Cash
  •         True Cedi
  •         Robin Personal Loan
  •         Kudi Credit
  •         1 Rapid cedi
  •         Cedistory
  •         Steady cash
  •         Soft Kash
  •         Easy Kash
  •         DatesCash
  •         Boseapa
  •         YooCash
  •         Fufucredit
  •         TopCredit
  •         DeriveCash
  •         Eagle Cash
  •         Cash wave
  •         cud loan
  •         smart loan
  •         LoanPapa
  •         CoolCash
  •         MoLoan
  •         Rapid Cedi
  •         cedifie
  •         MOCO
  •         Sikakasa
  •         Chasteloan
  •         Joy Cash
  •         Cocoaloan
  •         Popcash
  •         Loan hub
  •         Creditmall
  •         cedipros
  •         Momcash
  •         GETwallet
  •         Keeploan
  •         CashCocoa
A screenshot of the notice served by the Bank of Ghana on the list of unregistered loan apps in Ghana.

These loan apps usually offer quick loans which you can use for your immediate needs such as health emergencies, and rent, and also cater to your personal needs. Some of these loans can be accessed with just a phone call which also explains why some people or customers do not make thorough inquiries before they go in for these loans.

What is a loan?

A loan is a form of debt incurred by an individual or a group of people in times of need to ease their immediate hardships but in doing so, some people fail to do a thorough check on the company(loan app) to see how genuine these companies are, and their way of dealing with their customers.

Some of these loan apps fail to show you their actual charges which may include high rate fees, some hidden fees which you will never be made aware of except after taking the loan, and sometimes the very aggressive and unorthodox way of coming for their money which is quite embarrassing a lot of the times especially when you fail to make payment of your loan.

Some risks of using unregistered loan apps in Ghana

  • HIGH-INTEREST RATES: The highest interest rate according to the BANK OF GHANA is 18% but these unlicensed and unregistered loan apps may demand more which is very disturbing when you consider the current economic situation we find ourselves in this modern Ghana.
  • HIDDEN FEES: This is probably one of the most annoying aspects of these loan apps, you never know which money you are going to pay next after paying your normal loan fees, such fees may include processing fees without explanation and also any other fees if they so wish to add without your consent.
  • UNORTHODOX WAY OF COLLECTING LOANS: It includes calling their customers at unusual hours of the day just to demand their money, sometimes they may even visit you at your workplace if the need be just to request their over bloated money, such situations will never be explained to you before receiving the loan.

How to avoid unregistered loan apps in Ghana

You can start by doing thorough research and investigations about these loan apps by just asking those who have received loans from these said companies before, to try looking at their reviews on the Google app store and also check whether they are duly registered with the BANK OF GHANA.

Terms and conditions of unregistered loan apps in Ghana

The terms and conditions provided by these unregistered entities are very illogical. Sadly, this is the aspect that ordinary Ghanaians always try to skip because it is too long and very stressful in their eyes.

This is where all the valuable information too is hidden and well explained, so the next time you are going for any loan do not forget to read this part even if it is long enough to waste your time, it may save you a lot of stress in the future.

If you find some of their terms to be questionable try to ask questions, any loan app that offers you quick and easy money is setting you up for future stress, Ask questions.

For those of you who are struggling to pay your loan fees try to seek a more flexible way of payment. Remember your mental health is as important as your loan repayment fees.


In conclusion, the list and information provided on unregistered loan apps in Ghana are to help Ghanaians from being involved in any form of unregulated and unrecognized financial activity.

Check the list of registered and verified financial institutions on the official website of the Bank of Ghana.

Thank you for reading. Hope you enjoyed it.


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