How To Check Roadworthy Certificate Online

How To Check Roadworthy Certificate Online

Roadworthy is simply when a vehicle is fit and well enough in its optimal conditions to be used on our roads. So is your vehicle roadworthy? Is your vehicle very fit enough to be used on our roads without any hitches? Do you have a certificate that shows your vehicle has been given the green light to ply on the streets of Ghana?  These are some of the questions I will leave for the general public to answer.

In today’s article, these are some of the issues we are going to discuss with our cherished readers to have some educative knowledge about them. So as we already defined roadworthy is simply when a vehicle is fit and well enough in its optimal conditions to be used on our Ghanaian roads. The roadworthy inspection was designed to check the vehicle to make sure that the important parts and auto parts were in good and optimal shape that is also safe enough for road use.

What Is Roadworthy Certificate In Ghana?

A roadworthy certificate is a that proves that your vehicle for its intended purpose or use and it is also very safe and in top optimal condition to ply the road without causing any harm to passengers. Our roadworthy checks and vehicle inspection are fully approved by the DRIVER and VEHICLE LICENSING AUTHORITY(DVLA). This means the DVLA is the sole regulator and issuer of roadworthy certificates in Ghana.

Roadworthy Sticker
Roadworthy Sticker

How To Know If Your Is Roadworthy

As usual, any driver who gets a new vehicle is very eager to start hitting the road just like in the Fast and Furious movie, lol – but have you made all the necessary checks to see if your newly acquired or even the old vehicle is fit enough to hit the road for the day to day activities?

A roadworthy vehicle is in optimal condition, to allow for safe and convenient transport. Driving an unroadworthy car is illegal  So, how can you tell if your car is roadworthy?

Here are the basic requirements for roadworthiness:

  • Identification:  First things first you need a  vehicle identification number, it very is a unique code that is used by the manufacturing industry to identify their vehicles. it is mostly written on a metallic plate, it is mostly known as NUMBER PLATE. The engine number and VIN must match those on the registration document, if not there could be some serious foul play during the purchasing of the vehicle.
  • Bodywork: The car body and chassis must be free of rust or any damage. The body must be free of damage that could cause injury to pedestrians, cyclists, or even the driver and the passengers. All doors must be easy to open from the inside and outside. All doors must be firmly attached to the hinges. Interior door panels must be in place and good condition.
  • Lights:  All lights and indicators must be in good working condition. All lights must be securely fitted, with no form of damage to their parts. test both low and high beams rays of light to see if it is also in good working condition, including the backlights.
  • Windscreen and Windows:  Out of every ten cars you see on the Ghanaian road about 4 of them have an issue of broken windscreen, this issue mostly involves the taxi drivers, and also our trotro drivers. All windows designed to open must be able to open and close. Windscreen wipers must be operational and in good condition.
  • Wheels, Tyres, and Brakes: Tyres and wheels must be the correct size, and also the tyre especially must not be in any form of damage which may expose the tube during movement, because it is unsafe and may lead to an accident. Both the tyre and wheel must fall within manufacturer specifications. Every vehicle owner must always have an additional spare tyre in case he or she gets a puncture on the road. The wheels must always be easily moveable. The brakes on all wheels must be in good working order. The parking brake must be in good working order.
  • Suspension: Shock absorbers must be in good working order, with no leaks. Kingpins, control arms, and anti-roll bars must be secure. The chassis must not show any signs of weakness or damage. The undercarriage must be free of rust and leaks. The steering system must be in good working order. Wheel alignment must be within specification.
  • Engine and Transmission: The engine compartment should be free from damage and leaks, this could lead to overheating and eventually may catch fire as well.  Engine and transmission mountings must be intact. The battery should be secured with the required number of clamps. The battery should be clean, and free of cracks or leaks.No loose or damaged wiring.  Exhaust mountings must be secure.  No excessive smoke from the exhaust. Transmission must be in good working order.

Importance of a Valid Roadworthy Certificate

A roadworthy certificate is a very important document that confirms and also serves as evidence of a vehicle’s safety and roadworthiness. it can also serve as proof that your vehicle has met all the required and necessary standards that are fit enough to be driven on our roads. Below are some important points:

a. ENSURES VEHICLE SAFETY: A roadworthy certificate serves as a form of assessment of a vehicle’s condition and safety features. it also covers very important parts like brakes, tires, lights, steering, and many more. if this certificate is acquired vehicle owners can have their peace of mind knowing that their vehicle is safe for use on the Ghanaian road.

b. IT ENHANCES THE BUYERS CONFIDENCE:  Assuming you bought a vehicle without the necessary documents attached to the vehicle, how would you feel? not safe until you have acquired all the documents. this is exactly one of the reasons to get your roadworthy certificate just to clear any doubt of you buying any illegal vehicle. so just by acquiring your vehicle together with your roadworthy certificate, you are assured of purchasing a worthy property. A roadworthy certificate also provides valuable information and acts as insurance for potential buyers furthermore it verifies that the vehicle has undergone a thorough inspection by certified personnel. Even the government and regulatory bodies assure you of protection from buying unsafe vehicles.

c. LEGAL COMPLIANCE AND PENALTIES: In most countries failure to possess a valid roadworthy certificate can you in some trouble such as fines some restrictions and even to a large extent you could be banished from driving a vehicle depending on the magnitude of your problem. this includes Ghana. This is done to reduce the risk of accidents and improve road safety which is being caused by poorly maintained roads.

d. ENSURES REGULAR MAINTENANCE AND ROADWORTHINESS:  One good thing about roadworthiness is that it is never a one-time training or a one-time payment event. it is done for some specific period on a consistent basis, for example, if you get your roadworthy certificate today(15th July 2023) you will have to come back the following year(15th July 2024)  to renew it, and it will continue till probably when you decide to stop using a vehicle or any other reason. Failure to do this will attract a penalty fee when you are caught. This is to encourage vehicle owners to prioritize regular maintenance to ensure their vehicles remain in roadworthy condition during the period of usage.

How To Check Roadworthy Certificate Online

You can now view ROAD WORTHINESS CERTIFICATE (RWC) validity online. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the DVLA website at
  2. Enter your vehicle registration number
  3. Click on “Check Roadworthy Certificate”
  4. The website will show you the status of your roadworthy certificate

What To Do If Your Roadworthy Certificate Expires

“It has come to the notice of the Management of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) that most vehicle owners and drivers wait until the roadworthiness of their vehicles expires before making efforts to renew the certificate. The problem that ensues is that, while driving to the DVLA or any of its accredited garages for the vehicle to be tested and issued with the roadworthiness certificate, such drivers are often rightly accosted by MTTD Officials for driving vehicles that are not roadworthy.”

“The Authority wishes to inform and educate all vehicle owners and drivers that renewal of roadworthiness can be done one month before the expiry date. If this happens, the new expiry date for the renewed certificate will take into account the expiry date for the old certificate so that the customer does not lose the one month they had on the old certificate. The Authority encourages all vehicle owners and drivers to take advantage of the opportunity and renew the roadworthiness of their vehicles, ahead of the expiry date, to help deal with the problem they often ran into with MMTD Officials. It will also help reduce the rush to renew the roadworthiness after it has expired” ISSUED BY THE CHIEF EXECUTIVE

How To Renew Roadworthy

  1. Present Vehicle Registration Certificate (V. C. R) to the cashier and pay road use fee
  2. Present vehicle along with vehicle registration certificate for vehicle examination and verification respectively
  3. Roadworthiness sticker is issued upon satisfactory result from vehicle inspection


So dear cherished readers once again we end our article on a very good note but before that, we would like to tell our readers who have vehicles at home to try their possible best to Visit the DVLA website to check their roadworthy certificate today and renew their roadworthy certificate before it expires and last but not the least Keep your vehicle roadworthy for the safety of yourself and others.

Learn more about roadworthy on the official website of DVLA.

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